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Originally Posted by TOM_RUS View Post
What you have described has never been a case.
NPC with same id can be in multiples areas, there's no such restriction.
And there's no requirement for NPC to have different id if it's placed in different area.

It's all implementation details.
Yes, it's well known that there are NPC versions with the same ID and different locations. It's all visible on Wowhead too such as WoD's Khadgar and more.

What I tried to describe here was maybe a bit misleading indeed. I just wanted to tell they didn't use this method (to set the same ID for different NPC versions) that frequently prior to BfA. In the Beta it comes for most quest giver NPCs in any given area/hub (which is a big difference). That difference led me to a question for how could the NPC versions be distinguished technically if not by their IDs from now on?
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