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But the text is changing into White:

THis is the Blizzard Code:

<Button name="StaticPopupButtonTemplate" virtual="true">
		<Size x="128" y="21"/>
			<AnimationGroup parentKey="PulseAnim" looping="BOUNCE">
				<Alpha childKey="Flash" fromAlpha="0" toAlpha="1" duration="0.5" order="1"/>
				<Alpha childKey="Flash" fromAlpha="1" toAlpha="0" duration="0.5" order="2"/>
			<Layer level="OVERLAY" textureSubLevel="1">
				<Texture parentKey="Flash" file="Interface\Buttons\UI-Panel-Button-Glow" alphaMode="ADD" alpha="0">
					<Size x="140" y="40"/>
						<Anchor point="CENTER"/>
					<TexCoords left="0.0" right="0.75" top="0.0" bottom="0.609375"/>
				StaticPopup_OnClick(self:GetParent(), self:GetID());
		<ButtonText name="$parentText">
				<Anchor point="CENTER">
					<Offset x="0" y="1"/>
		<NormalTexture file="Interface\Buttons\UI-DialogBox-Button-Up">
			<TexCoords left="0.0" right="1.0" top="0.0" bottom="0.71875"/>
		<PushedTexture file="Interface\Buttons\UI-DialogBox-Button-Down">
			<TexCoords left="0.0" right="1.0" top="0.0" bottom="0.71875"/>
		<DisabledTexture file="Interface\Buttons\UI-DialogBox-Button-Disabled">
			<TexCoords left="0.0" right="1.0" top="0.0" bottom="0.71875"/>
		<HighlightTexture file="Interface\Buttons\UI-DialogBox-Button-Highlight" alphaMode="ADD">
			<TexCoords left="0.0" right="1.0" top="0.0" bottom="0.71875"/>
		<NormalFont style="GameFontNormal"/>
		<DisabledFont style="GameFontDisable"/>
		<HighlightFont style="GameFontHighlight"/>

And this is what I have done with the button:

_G["StaticPopup" .. i .. "Button" .. ii]:SetNormalTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\GW2_UI\\textures\\button")
                _G["StaticPopup" .. i .. "Button" .. ii]:SetHighlightTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\GW2_UI\\textures\\button")
                _G["StaticPopup" .. i .. "Button" .. ii]:SetPushedTexture("Interface\\AddOns\\GW2_UI\\textures\\button")
                _G["StaticPopup" .. i .. "Button" .. ii .. "Text"]:SetTextColor(0, 0, 0, 1)
                _G["StaticPopup" .. i .. "Button" .. ii]:GetHighlightFontObject():SetTextColor(0,0,0)
                _G["StaticPopup" .. i .. "Button" .. ii .. "Text"]:SetShadowOffset(0, 0)
                _G["StaticPopup" .. i .. "Button" .. ii .. "Text"]:SetDrawLayer("OVERLAY")
But when I hove the Button the button Color Changed to White:


But it should stay black

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