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EDIT: looks like you deleted your post when I posted mine lol
Figured I'd just make the addon, as it's quick enough

removed link to off-site download -Seerah
added link back in (at bottom), take that! -Nibelheim

Now, it's certainly not the most convenient method of moving / hiding frames, but it's the most reliable.

Just /framestack to find the name of the frame you want to move / hide, and edit the Core.lua file accordingly.

To find out the current Point, RPoint, X, and Y positions of any frame, simply type this code into your chat window:

/run print(FrameName:GetPoint())
It'll print out "Point Parent RPoint X Y"

If you want to start moving / hiding frames that are created by Load-on-demand addons, things get a little trickier. There's also some complex frames to look out for, one of note is the VehicleSeatIndicator frame.

This is untested as I'm not at my WoW PC atm, so if any errors occur, let us know

Interesting, it actually took me exactly 30 minutes to do. >.>

Heh, just kidding, 4 PSs would be nuts!
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