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PTR 6.2.2 Nameplate changes

The nameplates have received some updates on the PTR recently.

From this thread you had the following code:
    --full nameplate objects
        local f = NamePlate1 --nameplateframe
        f.barFrame, f.nameFrame = f:GetChildren()
        f.barFrame.threat, f.barFrame.border, f.barFrame.highlight, f.barFrame.level, f.barFrame.boss, f.barFrame.raid, f.barFrame.dragon = f.barFrame:GetRegions()
        f.nameFrame.name = f.nameFrame:GetRegions()
        f.barFrame.healthbar, f.barFrame.castbar = f.barFrame:GetChildren()
        f.barFrame.healthbar.texture =  f.barFrame.healthbar:GetRegions()
        f.barFrame.castbar.texture, f.barFrame.castbar.border, f.barFrame.castbar.shield, f.barFrame.castbar.icon =  f.barFrame.castbar:GetRegions()
The folllowing line will need to be changed if you want to stick with this code:
f.barFrame.healthbar, f.barFrame.castbar = f.barFrame:GetChildren()
to this:
f.barFrame.healthbar, f.barFrame.absorbBar, f.barFrame.castbar = f.barFrame:GetChildren()

In addition to the above change, almost all elements have received parentKeys.
You can now use the following code instead:
local frame = NamePlate1

frame.name = frame.NameContainer.NameText
frame.border = frame.ArtContainer.Border
frame.highlight = frame.ArtContainer.Highlight
frame.level = frame.ArtContainer.LevelText
frame.raidIcon = frame.ArtContainer.RaidTargetIcon
frame.eliteIcon = frame.ArtContainer.EliteIcon
frame.threat = frame.ArtContainer.AggroWarningTexture
frame.bossIcon = frame.ArtContainer.HighLevelIcon

frame.healthBar = frame.ArtContainer.HealthBar
frame.healthBar.texture = frame.healthBar:GetRegions() --No parentKey, yet?
--Available child element (texture): frame.healthBar.OverAbsorb

frame.absorbBar = frame.ArtContainer.AbsorbBar
frame.absorbBar.region1 = frame.absorbBar:GetRegions() --No parentKey, yet? Not sure what region1 is, probably texture like the others.
frame.absorbBar.overlay = frame.absorbBar.Overlay

frame.castBar = frame.ArtContainer.CastBar
frame.castBar.texture = frame.castBar:GetRegions() --No parentKey, yet?
frame.castBar.border = frame.ArtContainer.CastBarBorder
frame.castBar.icon = frame.ArtContainer.CastBarSpellIcon
frame.castBar.shield = frame.ArtContainer.CastBarFrameShield
frame.castBar.name = frame.ArtContainer.CastBarText
frame.castBar.shadow = frame.ArtContainer.CastBarTextBG
Edit: "OnValueChangd" for healthbars now returns values between 0 and 1. Hopefully this is unintended, as it will make it hard to get exact values for nameplates.

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