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Originally Posted by Amenity View Post
Actually...I'll take ya one further.

WoW TOS, Section #2:

None of this in any way applies to this. I am not modifying, removing, copying, or otherwise messing with the WoW client or anything contained within it in any way. I'm not even using anything they've created. Everything in this how-to is user-created with 3rd-party tools, and all it is are some .BLPs in an archive.
Folks who alter their character's models can argue the same thing, yet Blizzard has cracked down on them. Players should not be messing with anything in the Data folder as at best, it's a ToS violation grey area. I have been around the WoW community almost from the very start and I have seen Blizzard go after people who mess with the game's files (even just "adding to them"). The only legitimate files that we the players can mess with are those in the Interface, WTF, and Fonts folders. However the Data folder is a ToS minefield.

I am sorry if you feel that I reacted too strongly however I have seen these things come and go usually with Blizzard snapping at their heels. Blizzard is very protective of all aspects of their games. In the case of WoW, that goes for the mpq files. I do not want to see people getting one shotted by the Banhammer because they used an innocent change to something like their mouse cursor.

We do not know what Warden (the anti-cheat program) picks up on, however from what I have seen, it generates a hash based on what it finds and then compares it to what it expects to find. Additional mpq files will alter that hash (thus the comparison is not what Warden expects to find) and thus your account will be flagged. Whether or not and how Blizzard decides to act on the flagged account is up to them.

As the previous poster stated, the safest way is to get in contact with Blizzard and ask for a legitimate way of changing the cursor such as the OP's idea of a GetCursor API for mods to hook into.

If you are ever in doubt on whether or not something is kosher to post here on WoWI (such as your guide), email the WoWI staff. They don't bite (that I know of).
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