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Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
Because people have nothing better to do than keep an addon, that tracks ALL THE QUESTS IN THE GAME, FOR BOTH SIDES, up-to-date. Think of all the quest information Carbonite tracks (Item Count, Location, Finish Point, Item Use Button, Time Limits, few more things that I probably can't think of). Point is, we're in this thread looking for an alternative to Carbonite, because Carbonite is:

a) Taking too long to update
b) Abandoned (see 'a' for plausible reason)

Uh no, when they wrote carbonite it required a database. There is no requirement for the database now. You can look up the quests in the log, temp store them while you have those quests only. DG's addon is great but there is no reason to not push farther. Also the in game quest tracker does not track something without an objective. that is flippin annoying beyond belief.

Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
So...you want another Carbonite, so it can overwhelm the author, who will eventually decides to not update...and we'll be back in a thread like this one looking for an alternative to Dugi's addon.
Nope, we help Dugi upgrade to something better. The only limitation here is the unwillingness to strive for something better.

Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
Blizzard's tracker works just fine. Though it would be nice to darken the highlighted area; at quick glance it is hard to miss in places like Vash or places were the quest location is over water.
It doesn't work fine. It is limited, a blatant ripoff of addon developers of the past, and can be improved immensely, otherwise this forum we're in right now wouldn't exist. You want to advocate an alternative, fine, make sure it's comparable.

Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
As for quest/achievement tracking, that's your personal preference. Personally, I never went over a "zone's worth" of quests...never even touched the achievement tracking; takes up too much space.
Can you track 25 quests? Better yet, can you track non-objective quests? Nope. Can you show more then 10 achievement tracks? Nope. Does it show your daily resets? Again - You want to advocate an alternative, fine, make sure it's comparable.

Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
-One of the things I hate about Carbonite is that it'll randomly reactivate tracking of a quest I specifically told it not to track. Like "Alliance Needs More Purple Lotus", I like to keep it just for the "lawlz" when I share it in a raid....nice to see how many remember it, sad when more and more don't
But, ya, I don't want it tracked, but Carbonite refuses to remember.
Good thing this isn't about Carbonite.

Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
-Another thing that seriously pisses me off is the fact that each BG has it's own separate map container, so I have to reposition the BG "World Map" for every freak'n BG per new BG or redo of my UI. Why in God's name didn't they just use the World Map container so you move ONE frame ONCE and you're set.
Dunno what to tell ya there... /shrug

Originally Posted by Simulo View Post

The mod is pretty much perfect as it is now. About the only thing I would add is a "zoomable world map" (much like Carbonite's). Doesn't even have to be this "Google Map"-style. Just something that I can zoom up on when resource nodes are in close proximity.
-If that's already in place, I have no idea how to access it
It's not perfect DG, you have an awesome addon. Your awesomeness shines through in it, its got heart and it shows. You can do better because you're awesome don't be held back by mediocrity strive for excellence.
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