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Originally Posted by Rammoth View Post
Thank you for this. However, you shouldn't have any issues with it, I don't. I'm not sure why you do.
I'm sorry, but that is an ignorant statement. This isn't your typical mod, it's not some Lua file that you just drop into your addons folder and enable via the character selection screen. Not everyone's hardware is the same and the ENBSeries DLL was not developed with World of Warcraft in mind -- It's just luck that it does happen to work with it.

I'm not sure you've used this ENBSeries mod long enough to really know what it's doing or how to help people troubleshoot any issues that may arise, especially since you aren't the author of the file. Would you have been able to help Haleth troubleshoot his crash if he had provided a crash report?

By no means am I claiming to be an expert on this, but it sounds like you just wanted to share this DLL file with other people via WoWInterface. On the "addon" page, you mention that there is an .ini file that needs to be extracted, but fail to mention that it's full of settings that can be tweaked by the user. Half of these settings do nothing with World of Warcraft and if you set an incorrect value in the .ini file you can seriously bring your FPS to a crawl and, on lower-end systems, it could probably crash the client. You also fail to mention that this mod is incompatible with the 64-bit client regardless of whether you're using DX9 or not.

Here is a quote from the author himself pertaining to World of Warcraft:
No, i don't have this game and not planning to play/install it, so only generic on overall screen shaders available, affecting HUD. Source
The author has no desire to directly support World of Warcraft, so all of the pressure is now on you and you won't be able to send people off to his forum when you can't figure out why they're having problems. People don't want to hear "I don't know" and "I'm not sure" from someone who is providing them a file and telling them it's safe to use. I'm not trying to be a negative nancy, but it sounds like you may end up being in over your head if problems arise.
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