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Never really been a fan of these types of interfaces but, to each their own. The one major plus side is it's not another tuk/elv setup.

Originally Posted by aallkkaa View Post
i'm sorry but I also don't think I'd be contributing anything code/textures wise.
But I guess I could make a recommendation or two on things you might use. For instance, as far as the unit frames go, you might want to use oUF. In case you're not familiar with it, it's a very flexible and powerful framework for designing your own layout of unit frames. It's been out there for years, and well maintained. It's great to keep the underlyings working across patches (and expansions), allowing you to focus on the layout itself.
For several of the other elements of the UI, you could look at Zork's rSomething addons, all based on his rLib library. They're by no means as popular as oUF, but they do look quite sturdy (even if updates aren't that frequent, they still seem frequent enough to me). Some of those addons are basic, but very welcome, changes to elements (e.g. rObjectiveTracker), others like rActionBar are frameworks, much like oUF.
And, of course, there is also kgPanels.

Just saying, f you want to maintain your project on the long run, using frameworks such as those can help a lot.

Good luck!
You don't have to use any of the suggested "frameworks" to have this project have a long shelf life. DUF (Discord UnitFrames) is more than capable of doing exactly what he wants to do unit wise. Sure if he has pretty good experience with Lua then yeah he could accomplish the same and more with oUF or by swapping to ElvUI and fully customizing to fit his theme. You mentioned Zork's stuff... well, all of his addons aren't based off of rLib, they just include that addon as it provides draggable frames, etc. His rActionbar isn't really a framework even though in the addon description he tries to call it one. The whole addon pretty much already builds the actionbars/buttons and then he has it so you basically create another addon as a template/layout that just has configuration settings and then the build/create function. I do agree his stuff is aesthetically pleasing if you're into the simple look. As for kgPanels, well it's not really needed in his current setup and definitely not needed to increase longevity.
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