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Originally Posted by aallkkaa View Post
As for Zork's addons not being based off his rLib, well, you are right. But then again, I don't think I was wrong either. Yes, rLib does exactly what you said and that's what Zork uses it for in his addons. It's no Ace3, but I guess it's useful for what it does.
Bit for all of the above, I don't really need to argue over, you've made good points, Tim. But on rActionBar, I'm not sure why you seem to not consider it a proper framework. I mean, with oUF, you choose which frames you want to implement (replace) and you implement them with oUF; with rActionBar, you choose which action bars you want to implement (replace) and you implement them with rActionBar.
Sure, you need to implement different elements with oUF (HP bar, resource bar(s), etc) whereas with rActionBar you implement each bar as a whole (size, scale, number of rows per bar, visibility (in/out of combat, etc - all of which you can also implement for oUF frames), but I guess rActionBar is simpler because action bars actually are simpler elements than unit frames (less child elements). If you're talking about textures and such, IIRC you can customize backgrounds, borders and glows with rActionBar (I pretty much keep my addon customizations simple in their look).
What would rActionBar need to do for you to consider it a proper framework?
I don't call rActionBar a proper framework because the addon itself already has everything built into it. The layout/template/theme that you have to make is nothing more than a couple tables followed by a creation function. You are not really in control of anything aside from visibility states, dimensions, positions and how many buttons per row/column. All the layout/template/theme addon is is a seperate config file really. rActionBar can work standalone without a template addon just by adding the config/layout file within it's folder and updating the toc to include it but, since zork doesn't use a gui based config setup this is a way that works so when he updates his addons all you have to do is update the base addon and not your config addon.

oUF you have to code and build the entire layout yourself. Every aspect of the unit frames is customizable and can be built upon. Every element you are in control of. rActionBar all you are doing is altering tables (configs) for each actionbar, you are not coding/building anything.

What could rActionBar need to do for me to considering it a proper framework? Nothing honestly. They're not a very robust type of addon where the user can really build and customize substantially.
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