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I've been gone for like 1 day and an entire conversation builds up around me switching to Kubuntu... lol, I love it! I switched to Kubuntu 64bit v9.10 latest with all it's updates, etc... and the drivers for my nVidia card loaded just fine and everything, including WoW, runs better than on Windows.

For whatever reason Amarok doesn't want to install, but it is what I'll be using once I figure out why it doesn't like me. With iTunes the only thing I'll miss is the App Store. I like just browsing around on it better than doing it on the phone itself, but other than that, there's nothing I need Windows for at all.

I've been an avid Gnome user for about 8 years now or so, and have been a solid Linux user from the beginning, along with DOS (before there were HDDs) and still miss Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, haha. I use CodeWeaver's CrossOver for WoW and the Curse Client, and other than that, daily tasks of course.

The KDE v4.3 is astounding, and is a real piece of customization awesomeness you'll never find on Windows, even with all the bloatware out there to 'enhance' Windows' looks. I'm finding every way possible to stay away from Windows since it was ultimately the one thing I always had to 'fix' to keep things working the way I wanted them to, whereas on Linux, with a little bit of old-school computer knowledge, you can really get things exactly how you want, which is the way it's supposed to be.

I use the standard FireFox & Thunderbird though so ended up spending a day perfectly removing everything I didn't want with Kubuntu, even though the desktop integration is pretty darn awesome, I still prefer my all-in-one Thunderbird for my Contacts, Calendar, eMail, etc... and all of it syncs up bi-directionally with Google, which I ended up switching to after years and years of preaching Yahoo! to everyone I know, lol.

List up some apps for Linux you guys enjoy that I can maybe take a gander at.
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