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Interesting question this.

The PTR only just come out. As far as I know the diff files haven't been released yet. These are files that tell the addon authors what's changed in 3.3. Yes there's tools out there to tell them directly.

The point I'm making here is that's early days for addons on the PTR. They may work they might not work.

The best thing is to do these x things below :

1) Don't install too many. Take a few like one or two.

2) Learn the site where the author posts beta updates to . For curse that will be either Curseforge or Wowace. Wow interface will be this site.

3) Expect it to break when you install it. Make sure you turn on "Load Out of Date addons"

4) Put em in "World of Warcraft Public Test" folder -> Interface->Addons

5) If they do break make sure you provide decent feedback to the author. Include a error report if it comes up in game. You could also use a bug grabbing error like Bugsack/BugGrabber or Swatter to capture them.

If there is a ticket system submit a ticket there. If possible put down how you made the error appear. Remember nothing frustrates a developer more than a ticket submitted with "It does not work" as the sole problem. Be verbose. Be helpful. Get on the IRC channel if necessary (we're a mostly friendly bunch who hang out on irc.freenode.org #wowuidev channel)

Remember that by using addons on the PTR you're pretty much paving the way for the new versions that will come out for them to work once 3.3 goes live. If they do break make sure you give the addon authors a little helping hand a ?



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