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While a PTR is up it will go through many "builds". These builds are where the developers finish coding or changing some stuff and are like "Ok let's push that out and see what feedbacks we get from players". They then take the PTR down for Maintenance and usually apply the new build (not always tho).

New builds bring things like new items and new spells and stuff. When the PTR opens not all the new features listed in the patch notes are ready yet. Those come in ... yes you guessed it a later build. They're also used to get client side bug fixes out so if someone reports a bug and it gets fixed a new build brings that bug fix out to the PTR community.

Ok with me so far ?

Now if you're just installing the PTR for the first time and 4 new builds have been pushed out to the PTR yes you will have to download a patcher for each one. Cheer up tho once you're all updated and as long as you login to the PTR regularly you shouldn't have to do it again. Just do the normal download a new build once they post one to the PTR.
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