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Originally Posted by Mera View Post
...then you are useless.
My fault here is I didn't go redownload your addon, that I deleted from my folders, before answering this thread.. You assume I'm still using it, or have recently. Your addon appeared to be at fault in breaking 3 other addons (Sys_Prof or something, Addon Profiler, and LibScriptabe's resource tools), that all seemed to work fine with the each other. When I downloaded your addon I was merely looking at how resource calculations were made in various profiling addons. I am not one of your users, but I do agree I should probably have at least tried to figure out why things were breaking, especially since I was researching WoW's profiling potential as I wrote PluginResourceTools.

Knowing what I know now, I apologize for unjustly blaming your addon without confirming things first, and for not thinking to suggest that the OP make sure his version of your addon was up-to-date.
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