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Originally Posted by Xruptor View Post
Finally, take note that although an addon may be viewable it may have a licensing agreement attached to it. This may or may not prevent someone from using code or altering code without the authors permission. A lot of the WOW addons don't have licensing attached to it and are freely available to grab code from or modify in any shape or form. There are a few whom have GNU open licenses which allow you to use code and or alter it but also require you to mention the Author when you credit your work.

My advice is just to review the code and check for licensing material.

In practice I always credit any author regardless if they do or don't have a licensing agreement attached to their addon. But that's just me
The section I highlighted is actually completely bass-ackward, as others have noted. If there is no license attached, it defaults to All Rights Reserved. That means you can not use any of it without specific, explicit permission of the original author.

Also, as others have said, open source does not mean the same thing as source viewable. WoW addons can not be obfuscated or compiled.
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