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Originally Posted by nelegalno2 View Post
1) What's up with the Thunder Pass, Frostfire Ridge and The Compost Heap, Gorgrond that ware recently reported by the FR translator?
L["Thunder Pass, Frostfire Ridge"] = "Passage du Tonnerre, Cr\195\170te de Givrefeu"  -- Tested Online doesn't exist ! please check and confirm ! data exist in others local files, Fly is in Gorgrond near the thunder pass
L["The Compost Heap, Gorgrond"] = "Le tas de Compost, Gorgrond"  -- This entry replace Thunder Pass in Frostfire Ridge tested Online, NPC Chucklespine, 41,2 87,2 check data in others local files please THX
2) Why are there 2x Exarch's Refuge, Talador lines? Since this is a translation file it shouldn't need more than one copy of each variable.
As far as I know, samyonair has already discussed this topic with powerstrk; I don't know how that worked out. Doubled translations are useless, but not problematic. We can clear them up later.
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