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CastSpellByID and CastSpellByName Have Different Results

If I set up a secure action button to use the warrior ability Impending Victory as such:
ActionButton1:SetAttribute('type', 'spell')
ActionButton1:SetAttribute('spell', 202168)
It does nothing, however, if I set it up as:
ActionButton1:SetAttribute('type', 'spell')
ActionButton1:SetAttribute('spell', "Impending Victory")
It works fine.

I believe both should work the same considering that GetSpellInfo returns the same result using the spellID or "Impending Victory"

Only some abilities are like this, most work the same either way.

The spellID I'm using is coming from GetActionInfo in the secure environment by the way in case that is what is bugged and is returning the wrong spellID.

This seems to only be an issue with abilities modified by a talent. For some reason CastSpellByID doesn't seem able to process/recognized spellIDs from talents.

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