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And more Section 8

Q. I got my UI set up the way I want, log out and back in, and nothing is saved, I have to do it all over again. Why?

A. Make sure that you don't have copies of any of the files listed above anywhere else in your WoW folders. Also, make sure that none of the above files are set to "read-only".

Q. I lost all my addon data! Is it possible to retrieve it somehow?

A. Unless you've made a backup of your SavedVariables.lua file, no, sorry, it's not.

If you *have* made a backup, you should be able to simply overwrite your current SavedVariables.lua file with the old (backup) version.

However, there's a tool that exists to make this process easier, AND it will allow you to MERGE (rather than overwrite) your new data with your old. That tool is called SVEdit, and it can be found here: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...fo.php?id=4047

Q. My UI is all messed up. My bag slots don't line up properly with the bag themselves, how do I fix it? I dragged X thing off the screen, how do I get it back?

A. Go to your:

../World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/<Account Name>/<Character Name>

folder and delete your:


file. That will reset all visible UI elements to the default Blizzard locations. A bit of a pain, as you'll have to set your layout back up the way you want, but at least problem X will be fixed.

Q. I messed up my chat settings, I can't see X messages any more, my channels are all messed up. How do I fix it?

A. Go to your:

../World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/<Account Name>/<Character Name>

folder. Delete the:


file. That will reset all chat windows, channels & chat options to the default Blizzard setup. You'll have to re-do any changes you made to layout and channels that you want to keep.

Q. How do I make it so I can see both my chat and my combat window at the same time? How do I make a new chat window?

A. Go to the main in-game menu (esc or the little computer icon). Go to Interface Options. Make sure "Lock Chat Settings" is turned off. Make sure "Simple Chat" is turned off. Go back to the main game window. Hover your mouse over your chat window. A tab will appear at the top of your window. Right click on it. At the top, choose "Unlock". Move it to the location you want it by dragging on the tab. Resize it to the size you want by dragging on the edges of the chat window. Re-lock when you get it to the location and size you want.

For additional Chat Information and Troubleshooting visit http://www.wowwiki.com/chat

Q. I'm getting an error message saying my AddOns are using more than 32 mg memory and it dumps me out of game. How do I fix it?

A. Log in as far as your character select screen. Use the AddOns button in the lower left hand corner to bring up the list. There is a spot in the top right hand corner to allocate UI memory. Try setting it to 64. If it still isn't enough (unlikely, but possible), set it to 0 (zero), that means "unlimited" (but it will still only use what it needs, it won't suck up all your computer's memory).

Q: How do I connect to our guild's website in an addon (to get DKP info/access guild rosters/Thottbot/etc)?

A: The user interface LUA environment is "sandboxed" and it is not possible to get data in or out of the game in realtime while the game is playing. The only method of getting data in or out is through the SavedVariables.lua file which is only updated/read on logout/login or when the interface is reloaded. The function call to load a URL (LaunchURL()) only works for web pages originating on Blizzard's web site and it switches to your default web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) anyways. There is no way to access web site information within the game.

Q How do I extract information from WoW to an outside source? (Credit Shouryuu)

A This can't be done directly. For example, let us say you want to make an AddOn that updates your guild rooster, and posts the name/lvl/class of each member on your web site. The only way to do this, is to write an AddOn that will save the name/lvl/class of each guild member in a SavedVariables.lua, close WoW and extract the info to your guild web site either manually, or a program which would do it for you.
You cannot extract information about anything in the WoW environment by "leeching" the information that passes between you and the server.
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