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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
My guess is it has something to do with quests being flagged or not flagged for tracking in it's own built in quest journal. Not at home yet to look into it for sure, but Carbonite only shows what it knows about.

If the blizzard map/minimap does not have the quest on it, neither will Carbonite and you'll get the database error, next time you get the error try opening the real quest journal "alt-L" and telling blizzard to track it, see if that makes carbonite jump in and say HEY I know that one.

If that is the case then I need to update carbonites tracking to also turn on/off blizzards tracking for each quest (which should of been in the first place for consistancy if you enable or disable carbonites tracking, but since every quest was handled internally I can understand why it wasn't.)
No bueno. Turned on the tracking manually, reloaded ui, nothing. Logged out and back in, nothing. This is when I wish I had experience with writing addons, I'd love to give you a hand with this