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Quest position, up or down?

Sometimes the quest is put in different spot in the map, like very far away.

Also I want to mention that the default blizzard one shows you an error to indicate if it's above you in levels, or lower than you "basement", how can I know this using carbonite?

I'm sorry I just got my version from curse, is there an updated version where it is more precise? Link if so, thanks.

Also another question thats related to quest finding, if one step is to go to a different zone/map, how can I know this? sometimes I am stuck in a quest having to search manually for it, because if I click on the quest to the right hand side nothing happens, and if I open quest log "L" and click on quest, there's no "Show on map" button, hopefully you know what I mean, don't tell me I have to read the quest :P

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