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Hi Ludius, sorry first time user didnt know where to add the code blocks, since been fixed.

Heres what this code should do:
1) Load SavedVariables per charater
2) Update the config gui ( in interface>addons ) with the loaded data or set the 2 toggles to blank if no variables are found ( new toon etc ). This isnt updating.
3) On log out the SavedVariables per characted should update the addon.lua file in their respective folders ( not happening ).
4) The changes from the config gui should be accessable throughout the addon.

In terms of where the issue is, i cannot pinpoint it exactly. The gui isnt updating, the changes to the options gui are not being saved. The variables from the gui are not accessable from outside the gui i.e

1) Option 1 is set to true ( from saved variables )
2) Option 1 is changed to false from the options gui
3) Option 1 is accessable to other parts of the addon
4) on player logout Option 1 is saved as False in the saved variables
5) on log in Option is is set to False in the gui

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