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Layout Questions

So I was in the curse.com neighborhood looking for a new UI, right. Spartan had gotten to be too bloated and just running with floating action bars felt messy, but I remembered remembered reading an article on wow.com on nUI and thought I'd check it out.

I dig it. And I am one hell of a picky girl! lol

I wasn't keen on the HUD (I currently use metaHUD since iceHUD went to junk after the patch) because I couldn't really customize it the way I wanted, so setting the alpha's to 0 fixed the problem. The castbar is something I am having an issue with though. Aesthetically, it's not my cup'a tea (I use Quartz and Quartz: Procs). But I also noticed that its location on the HUD is in a very awkward position - right over the bottom half of my toon's body. Is there a way to move this bar to a different location?

Also, is there a way to make the map larger? I had to disable sexymap because it wasn't really jiving with nUI, and would like to see the map use more of its area rather than waste that real estate.

I use Bagnon (as I assume most people do) - how do we condense the bag bar down to one bag icon to reflect this?

I luv the Mageport panel! Luvs it!