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Micro bar movable? Action bars?

I have a few questions about the Altz UI.

Is the Micro bar (the character, talent, achievment, etc.) movable? When I downloaded Altz UI, I was able to move most things around where I want them, but at the bottom center of the screen my micro bars are stacked on top of each other. I cannot click on certain buttons as before such as spells or talents and I am not able to move the buttons to where I want them (top center). How can I get this fixed?

Also, after I downloaded and followed the instructions, I am not able to add abilities to my action bars. The only way I can add to my action bar is to keep the blizzard bars and those overlap with other bars/map that I have moved. I am not sure what happened or if I need to delete everything I have done and "try again" but this is very frustrating to set up when I cannot access certain things
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