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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
Try disabling all of your other addons, and test with only Carbonite enabled. If it functions correctly, there is most likely another addon interfering with Carbonite.

I know that most people don't like to disable all of their addons to test just Carbonite, but there is a way to not have to do that and still be able to test with only Carbonite enabled.

Completely exit WoW back to your desktop, then rename both your "Interface" and "WTF" folders. Nothing fancy, just adding an underscore (shift + -) after the name works for me. Then start WoW and log on to your account. Sign into a character if you wish, but then exit the game completely back to your desktop. Now, install Carbonite to your new "Interface\AddOns\" folder. Start WoW back up, and see if Carbonite still works incorrectly.

To get your addons back, just rename, or delete them if you want, the current "Interface" and "WTF" folders (maybe add a "=" after the names) and then rename the original folders back to their original names.

I have this set up in my WoW install for just this reason. If WoW (or an addon) starts acting oddly, it's just easier than disabling and re-enabling over a hundred addons on a character to see if it is a game or addon issue.

By-the-way, you can keep the new folders "pristine" by going into the "\Interface\AddOns\" folder and deleting the Carbonite folders, then going to your "Path to your WoW folder\WTF\Account\ACCOUNT NAME\SavedVariables\" folder and deleting the "Carbonite.lua" and "Carbonite.lua.bak" files. If you really want to keep it default, you can also go to your "Path to your WoW folder\WTF\Account\ACCOUNT NAME\ServerName\CharacterName\SavedVariables\" folder for the character you used to test with, and delete the "Carbonite.lua" and "Carbonite.lua.bak" files there. Those files only contain the flight points known by that character, though, and iirc they are built (after deletion, at least) the first time that character visits a Flight Master. It certainly can't hurt to check and delete them if they are there, though.

Try the above advice, I am using the latest version & all is fine
It is either an old version that you have or an addon clash