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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
I assumed that you had posted a link, which would have been why it was taken down. If you actually uploaded it to the site, then you would have gotten a reason why it was taken down so that you will know our thinking and rules about that and known the appropriate action to take.
Yeah... but you know what? I don't care if cataclysm is coming out soon. I'm gonna code the addon anyways. But I have a question: Why do the keybindings mess up?

Like... I would have two files coded exactly the same for two addons (This happened with WoWTheme and WoWMap), but the bindings are different.

Say for instance, you are trying to make bindings for two addons, and one addon uses Toggle Markers, and the other uses Toggle Coords.

The keybindings are coded the same, but one of them shows up as Toggle Markers, and the other one shows up as TOGGLE_COORDS.

When I change the code in the Coords keybinding, so that in the xml file, it says Toggle Coords, instead of TOGGLE_COORDS, it shows up as Toggle Coords in-game.

The thing is, the other file has TOGGLE_MARKERS in the xml file and shows up as Toggle Markers, without the change. Also, sometimes, the headings for both addon's keybindings don't show up. Just wondering about this.

PS: Yes, it was uploaded directly to the site, and was removed due to a reason that I can't really remember.
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