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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Well, the reason why Elv layouts are more efficient for you is due to the coding infrastructure is done better. Those other 2 you listed aren't standalone but, a compilation so you have to deal with many other addons that may be running poor code. Some of it could be on your end with your game settings, no clue. Good ways to determine which addons are causing issues are to turn them on or off 1 by 1 and determining when there's a difference.
Yeah true but if say I try lui with no other add-ons it still does it. I enjoyed maorui and as it comes still does it and is the same when I add some of my add-ons. Yet on other's, i can add my addons on top and it doesn't affect it.
Whilst the authors bring them out I suppose it must be ok for them otherwise they would notice it is also.
I had the same problems for years and I found one easy fix I think around 2010 and never had any problems again but do you think I can remember it lol.
Datatext addons used to cause it a lot for me and managed to fix it that way but these compilations I wouldn't know how to disable them.
Could it also be blizzards end as so many complaints in the forums about the same problem?
This the computer i'm using so i should be able to play the game full blast and no problems.

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