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Originally Posted by Aethra
Imp Frostbolt, Ice Shards, Imp Frostnova, ColdSnap, Ice block
...and frostbite and shatter, invaluable farmer's companions and part of the efficency of frost.

I leveled fire/arc arc/fire till 60 then respeced frost for raiding needs.
I level deep frost from 60 to 70 and now I'm 10/48/3 for raiding.

I must agree with above posters, it's a trade off and a ultimately a personal choice.

For grinding xp/rep, questing and small group instances arcane is not fitted, it's a too specialized tree focused on big numbers, good for three minute mage PvP or for end game raiding. With arcane you need to trust your tank and this is not likely to appen in PUG-groups.

I'd say: look elsewhere.

If you like impressive and (somehow) sustained damage output fire is your tree.
Scorch is indeed a very mana-efficent spell but using it you accept to take same damage from mobs that will not explode like using fireball fireball-fireblast-dragon breath-blast wave combo. With fire you will sooner or later (most likely sooner) feel the need of arcane concentration (clearcasting firebast = priceless) and I'll generally disadvise to go full fire for leveling.

I'd say: Impact good, awesome for scorch build. ImpFireball and Ignite mandatory.

You can do something similar an arcane or a fire mage can do with other classes but in no way you can mimic what a frost mage can do.
If you want to AoE grind you want to go frost.
If you want control and survivability you want to go frost.
If you want to be ultimately usefull in small groups you want to go frost.
You can have 61 talent points in the frost tree and not feel yourself a (total) idiot.

I'd say: go frost!

Did I mentioned I'm a frost fan?

Btw the bottom line is: try try try. I know it's not the aswer you were looking for but with time you will find out that there's no "right" answer for your question.
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