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Originally Posted by Doondoon View Post
I have done abit of searching and it appears nobody has made 1 yet, currently i have something interfering with the default timer and obvectives, they don't update or start and sometimes the timer completely vanishes.

I would really like a standalone mod to handle this, i'm willing to have a stab at this myself even though very very little knowledge i do have a friend that could help, i just need to be pointed in the direction of where to start, things i need to look for in terms of how the timer would start and such.

I assume this info isn't available yet, just downloaded the blizz UI kit and it doesnt include challengesUI, which i assume this is where the info i need would be?
Probably the only types of addon that would interfere with challenge mode timers would be addons that hide or manipulate the quest tracker in some way. Looking into that first is probably the best and quickest thing you can do. This is because the challenge mode timer is displayed in Blizzard's default quest/objective tracker.

If you still want to look at Blizzard's code for challenge mode timers, see here for extracting the most up-to-date interface files for your WoW install. Despite being displayed in the watch frame, most of the code regarding challenge mode timers is in FrameXML\WorldStateFrame.lua. Just search that file for "challenge" and you will find many relevant functions.
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