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Originally Posted by myrroddin View Post
I believe it is new to 6.x. There is also GetAreaMapInfo() but so far neither has been documented.
GetWorldMapTransformInfo(transformID) returns: mapID, newMapID, newDungeonID, newAreaID, minX, maxX, minY, maxY, offsetX, offsetY, flags
GetWorldMapTransforms([table]) returns: table
GetContinentMapInfo(continentMapID) returns: mapID, worldMapID, leftBoundary, rightBoundary, topBoundary, bottomBoundary, offsetX, offsetY, scale
GetContinentMaps([table]) returns: table
GetAreaMapInfo(areaMapID) returns: mapID, areaID, displayMapID, locLeft, locRight, locTop, locBottom, minLevel, maxLevel, flags
GetAreaMaps([table]) returns: table
GetDungeonMapInfo(dungeonMapID) returns: floorIndex, minX, maxX, minY, maxY, mapID, parentWorldMapID, flags
GetDungeonMaps([table]) returns: table
GetCurrentMapZone() returns: zoneIndex, locLeft, locTop, locRight, locBottom
GetCurrentMapDungeonLevel() returns: floorIndex, minX, minY, maxX, maxY
GetMapZones(continentIndex) returns: table
GetMapSubzones(mapID) returns: table
GetMapHierarchy() returns: table
Pretty sure this is all already known for a while...

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