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Instead of quoting one small part of my post, you should look at the next sentence. "Instead of free form, try structuring the version info." Perhaps I should have been more specific.

I have not fully developed an addon for WoW, but I have done software development. Having structure in the work place is doable. Of course with an audience as big as WoWI, no. If you use free form. Can you not enforce numbering fields with another field for things like Alpha, Beta etc...? Perhaps not, maybe I am missing something.

My latter statement stands, that what I have read is why this cannot be done and not "We tried this and it didn't work etc...".

My 2 bits

Originally Posted by Rilgamon View Post
Please describe in 3 sentences the logic of version numbers so that a parser can "read" it as a compareable value.

You cant because there is no RFC for version numbers. Everyone can name them as they like.


We as addon authors/users "see" that the last part is probably an indicator for the game version and the first value is simply a counter for versions per extension. We would load the last one to get the latest. A numeric compare would load the third. While this is just a bad example there are dozens of habits when it comes to version numbers that contradict each other. So its not easy for a parser to find really the latest.

Edit: Here some links

I really like this from the first link:
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