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Originally Posted by krinla
-- How do I change the look of the health bars? In the file PerfectRaid.lua search for the code
self.headerDefaults = {
		Reverse = false,
		ColorClass = false,
		ColorSeverity = true,
For reverse bars, change "Reverse = false" to "Reverse = true".
For bars colored by class change "ColorClass = false" to "ColorClass = true".
For bars that don't change color with loss of HP change "ColorSeverity = true" to "ColorSeverity = false". (thanks Nahamnessa)
In 77 the default seems to be that the health bars are class colored and changing "ColorClass = false" to false doesnt seem to change it.

And these 2 lines change the sorting from class to group:

	column:SetAttribute("groupBy", "GROUP")
	column:SetAttribute("groupingOrder", "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8")
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