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Originally Posted by Serra44 View Post
My problem is with the way he reacted. Basically saying: 'the addon is mine and get your filthy hands off it'.
It's his addon. He and his team developed it. He managed it quite well for a long time without fail. He owns the rights to it.

Where do you come off saying in effect that "I use that addon and I demand that he works on it, whether he wants to, or not!"? Believe me, I understand your point, but the attitude of many people on this forum is far worse than what you're accusing him of.

Originally Posted by Serra44 View Post
Rythal has done nothing to take away any credit from the original devs. Nor has he ever claimed any rights to the addon or any changes he made. he even encouraged people to donate to the original authors.
My post had NOTHING TO SAY OR TO DO WITH RYTHAL! I did NOT demean Rythal in any way. I, probably more than you, appreciate what he did! Don't try to side-track my topic by bringing someone else into it. I said what I wanted to say. You are free to start your own topic to vent, if you want to. But, it seems to me that enough has been vented already. Just don't start with me!!!