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Originally Posted by schizophrena View Post
Next - your grocery statement makes no sense in this situation. Rythal was very honorable in how he dealt with the fan update and continued to deal with it. The authors restated their opinion that they didn't want anyone working on their material, as is their right. For example, Blizzard has WoW - if people create a private server and load WoW on and add things into the game or modify - this is not something blizzard wants to see and they have every right to tell people not to do it. Yet, do we see a huge outcry from everyone here saying Blizzard is mean and is a <insert your expletives here>.
The grocery analogy is very apt here. Rythal did something, for free, out of kindness to the community (offered his fan update) and the authors (said to send the donations to them, not to himself) and they crapped on him. It's very accurate.

Originally Posted by schizophrena View Post
Lastly, I'm always amazed how many people with horrid behavior and entitlement attitude show up on these forums immediately after a patch and start demanding things or are surprised by the authors. I find no fault with what they said - they have not named (or called out) Rythal and have not berated him like everyone seems to make it out to be.
You throw around the word entitlement, but you have no idea what it means. It has nothing to do with people's disgust at how the author(s) treated Rythal. No one is demanding anything of the authors. We're standing up and saying how they acted is not acceptable, that it's shameful and downright wrong. Considering that Rythal is the one that made the fan update, there was no need to use his name. It was clear to anyone with two brain cells to rub together who they were talking about. You need to go read the post that inflamed so many people before you start making claims that you're clearly uninformed on.