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Originally Posted by skyesfury View Post
Surely you can see how that comes across as "they've abandoned the add on".
Yes, I can see how some would believe that comes across as "they've abandoned the addon" - but when they are here, have provided an edit, and said they do not want to abandon it, does that really show they intend on abandoning the addon? I can't say that.

Originally Posted by skyesfury View Post
I don't know how else to put all that. If you still can't see it, then I guess there's nothing else for us to discuss. Several people have pointed out the same things and in every case you've blindly defended their abhorrent behavior.
Apparently I am not seeing the same posts that you guys are talking about how they reacted to Rythals update. If you are referring to a post by Fataal that is not the one I quoted previously - then please link/show it. Honestly, the one that Fataal posted is straight to the point and has no degrading tone with how I read it.

As to "Doing what is in the best interest for the addon and the fans of the addon" is forgetting one key important fact. The person who holds creative license over the addon gets to determine that and we shouldn't even suggest what should be done until they come to us asking what they should do. Suggesting it is typically a selfish behavior in one aspect or another.

If you have a child, and I start saying that you should feed the child only vegan (or a pure meat diet), then 20 others in the neighborhood start saying it - that doesn't make it in the best interest for your child. It could be detrimental for all you know. In addition - how would you like your neighbors telling, or requesting, you to change your child even though it is not a point you ever brought up to them (meaning you never asked them about what food to feed the child)? I think most people would find it quite offensive and would lash out, not something I have seen Fataal do.

Not everyone understands financial partnerships or that Carbonite is a financial partnership - it is not just up to Havok and Fataal. They have, I assume, a silent partner who put up funds, the decision may not be theirs to make. Unlike a lot of the addons now available, this addon was created by a company (partnership), for profit, not just for the pure enjoyment of coding to make a game better.

Again, I don't think any of the grief (requesting/demanding the author's to do something with their addon) is needed - they have already told us that when the day to give the addon up, they will let us know. Someone has always been able to create an addon better then Carbonite, no one has yet been willing to do such for the public.

Let me finish with this quote from Fataal that I think puts things into perspective as to where Fataal is coming from - and the grief that a majority of the vocal community is putting him through (and thus proving his wife true).

Originally Posted by carboniteaddon View Post
I work on Carbonite because I want to see it stay alive and because people get enjoyment from it. My wife thinks it is not worth the grief, but I carry on.

I have said it before, if you want to donate for whatever reason, then do so. If you don't, then don't. That is your choice. Expect nothing in return, except for our thanks. God has always taken care of me and continues to, so I don't 'need' the money now, but I'm sure we can put it to some use.

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