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Originally Posted by Talyrius View Post
If you have any Italian friends who are also fluent in English, you could ask them to consider helping as well. It's hard finding translators.
we, italians, cannot speak english. and we are lazy. 99% of italian players pretended to use italian in random dungeon if they were more then one. even worst in bg, where you were able to read italian phrases nobody else can understand.
plus, in the 1% speaking english fluently, there are maybe 99% thinking 'screw localization, i will be not paid for that job', forgetting they used those very same addons for years for free.

we are the jest in the wow community, and not only here. i'm not so confident i already know anyone helping us. maybe another random player who got some free time and want to contribute, but nobody i already know.

lord, and i'm still not playing yet.