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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
Some people might like the actual coordinates of their party members. You could set waypoints to them, etc.
I didn't see anyone argue against coords for party members. If you were setting waypoints, you'd also set them off your current map, so you're still doing a double lookup. Otherwise, it's back to what I said before: a nil result from ..."player", "party3"... is a weird way to ask if you're on the same map or not (i.e., you'd never want to do it that way).

Tbh, if you were going to send back an array, why not have mapID as part of the array along with x and y rather than multiple queries?

Lua Code:
  1. local pos = C_Map.GetPlayerMapPosition("party2")
  2. print( "party2 is at "..tostring(pos.x)..", "..tostring(pos.y) )
  3. print( "party2 is on mapID: "..tostring(pos.mapID) )

I think Rilgamon has the right of it, and this method of getting x,y for addons feels like an afterthought in their overall rebuild of the mapping system.
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