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Well, the new system does allow you to get your player's (or party members') coordinates based on any map, not just your current zone. There may be some use for that, either in the default UI or for addon devs who feel they can utilize it. Either now or in the future.

If they made the uiMapID an optional second argument, defaulting to the "best map for unit", the API would still need to check which map that is before returning coordinates and location data. And if they gave you a shortcut function, it may very well still do C_Map.GetPlayerMapPosition( C_Map.GetBestMapForUnit("player"), "player") on the back-end.

It's like Nev says:
Originally Posted by Nevcairel
If you don't pass a zone, then you don't know which zone it choose to represent the coordinates in - and without that information, you can't use them properly.
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