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Originally Posted by thomasjohnshannon View Post
SetMap was removed but it could just be RequestPreloadMap. Both excisted in the last patch but now we only have RequestPreloadMap.
Both SetMap and GetCurrentMapID have been removed because there finally is absolutely no stateful map API anymore. There is no concept of a global "current map" anymore - its now tracked by any map frame on its own. Similarly, the WORLD_MAP_UPDATE event has been removed, because it no longer applies. If you want to be notified when the world map changes the map its showing, hook into WorldMapFrame.OnMapChanged

If you want to know which map the World Map is looking at, call WorldMapFrame:GetMapID(), or call WorldMapFrame:NavigateToMap() to change it.

This allows you to implement other map-things without messing with the World Map, like the new BattlefieldMap that returned in the recent build. It uses much of the same logic of the World Map, but it could show a different map if you wanted to.

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