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SendAddonMessage max length now 255, GetRegisteredAddonMessagePrefixes changed?

Hello you all!

I just noticed that on the PTR the maximum message length of SendAddonMessage seems to be 255, regardless of the prefix's length. Checked again on LIVE, and it's 255, too. Has this always been the case or did i miss some patch notes? I thought the maximum length was 255 - prefix length - 1

CHAT_MSG_ADDON(prefix, msg, channel, from)
-> msg:len() = 255

The other thing is that on the PTR right now, GetRegisteredAddonMessagePrefixes disregards the table argument, and always returns a new table:

/run local t={}GetRegisteredAddonMessagePrefixes(t)print(#t)
-> 5
/run local t={1,2,3}GetRegisteredAddonMessagePrefixes(t)print(#t,t[1],t[2],t[3],t[4],t[5])
-> 5 prefix1 prefix2 prefix3 prefix4 prefix5
/run print(#GetRegisteredAddonMessagePrefixes())
-> 5

/run local t={}C_ChatInfo.GetRegisteredAddonMessagePrefixes(t)print(#t)
-> 0
/run local t={1,2,3}C_ChatInfo.GetRegisteredAddonMessagePrefixes(t)print(#t,t[1],t[2],t[3],t[4],t[5])
-> 3 1 2 3 nil nil
/run print(#C_ChatInfo.GetRegisteredAddonMessagePrefixes())
-> 5
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