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Can target be changed to name?

This is my first post on the forums but I have been using Nui for a few weeks now. I am wondering if it is possible to change something.

What I would like to change is the Target box. Is it at all possible to change it so I can see the name of the target instead of the word target?

Basically I and many others in my guild use the focus frame for Lich King to see who Defile will be casted on right as target is chosen. The color change is fine but when it switches to lets say a shaman and we see a blue word target. It doesn't tell us which one or if our warrior is tanking and the Lich King switches to a DPS warrior. We can't see specifically who in that situation.

So anyway, I would really like to see target names and not the word "Target" if at all possible.

Another option would be to disable the Nui focus and use the default focus frame if that is easier to set up.

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