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Talking Drionor's Demise > Laying Drionor to Rest

Quest name: Laying Dionor to Rest > Dionor's Demise > Gorgrond
Issue: ingame animation fails to play.

I am level 100 now but I am going through Gorgrond trying to finish this but it continues to fail.

I remember doing the quest the quest and turning it in after killing Smokemaster Snarl for Dionor's Death Bloom.

I remember Birchus telling me how I am about to witness something "few mortals ever witness in their lifetime" or something such as that. However, then nothing happens.

The animation off Dionor the Carnivorous getting up and walking off as a spirit; Fails to play and I am unable to continue in the quest progression.

I talk to Birchus, now, again but all he says is pleading for me to use Dionor's Death Bloom the way he chooses to want. I would love to except Dionor's Death Bloom fails to be in my inventory then or now.

I went and killed Smokemaster Snarl again but that fails to help at all.

I look all around for something to interact with but I must be missing something.

I submitted the failure of seeing Dionor the Carnivorous's animation as a bug but I am posting this encase I am being silly in the head and missing something simple.

I also looked at the comments for the quest and Birchus on WoWHead but they are without effective help.

Thank you for sharing your Force; May the Goddess bless you.

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