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Here's another idea:

Do raid markers work in solo play? I'll just go check, in fact!

*Vagrant wanders off to start up WoW.*

They do! Okay, I'm going to go and throw together and test a thing quickly.

*Vagrant does a thing quickly.*

Okay, here we go! I present you with 'On My Mark!' I just did a little testing with this in game and... it's actually pretty helpful.


Essentially, what it does is it uses the raid marking system to make targets more clear. It'll put one of those huge red X icons above your current target and note your target in the chat frame. (As an acknowledgement.)


- If you're in a party and you're the leader, it'll put up a red X and note your target in party chat.
- If you're in a party and you're not the leader, it'll watch for whether you're attacking the marked target or not and say so in party chat.
- Both of the above conditions account for raids.

I imagine that this would be very helpful for main tanks once they've been set as the party/raid leader.

I'll get this up on WoWI shortly.

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