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I'll admit to bad use of generalization when saying "to tanks and dps" and my apologies for that.
I should have said "to this tank and dps I interact with" and I'd have hopefully avoided aggravating you.

I'm happy you and your friends got good use out of your addon and I sincerely hope many more players will.

It's definitely not "my way or the highway", that conclusion is all your own
You don't know how flexible or in-flexible my play-style is or what my gaming history is,
so you should probably practice a more "live and let live" approach instead of throwing around epithets

I'll keep in mind not to share opinion on your ideas in the future especially if I happen to have another point of view.

If you look back at your last post and are happy with the way you respond to critique that's fine with me.

Finally my last point about "everyone being able to mark" in parties was me trying to be helpful from a development standpoint in the sense of:
"I don't think this would work for me but if you go ahead, you should know that in recent patches everyone can mark"
It wasn't always so, and your description made me think you might be trying to work around restrictions that are no longer in place.

If you ever want to argue why one might want specific creeps "stickily" marked through example and logic I'd be willing to do that.
If you prefer to summarily dismiss the person opposite you as a mindless drone that just follows archaic/outmoded/elitist/Amish tradition passed down from I don't know what authority, that is "out to get you" I'll have to pass...

This will also be my first and last "out of topic" post here.

Take care.
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