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What Blizzard code do you mean?

The call in question is in the handler that displays the aura tooltip when the mouse enters an aura.

It seems ... surprising ... if Blizzard code is relying on how nUI displays aura tooltips. AuraTooltipEnter (where that warning is generated) is the only place where nUI passes an aura to Frame:SetID. If you are right, then any Blizzard code relying on that call only works when you happen to mouse over an aura. And since the call to SetID is not allowed in combat, it wouldn't work in most cases anyway.

The aura which is actually displayed is specified in the SetButtonAura method, later in the same file, without reference to the frame ID or anything else done in AuraTooltipEnter.

In any case, I've now tested, and the only noticeable effect of commenting out that line is that no warning is generated when you mouse over an aura while in combat.