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Originally Posted by Rilgamon View Post
If your NAS is available as a filepath you could try to have
links in on your both systems to point to a directory on your NAS

Originally Posted by forty2j View Post
WoW will, in fact, follow shortcuts/symlinks. This was broken for a while on Mac in particular, a while back, but it's been fixed.
Rilgamon & Forty2,
That worked. I setup the symbolic link and it works just fine. A little slow on start up but I expected that.

Originally Posted by NitraMo View Post
Another option is using something like Dropbox (or other similar software) to sync the files between the computers. That way you get both the speed of having the files locally and the convenience them being the same on all of your systems. (As an added benefit, you can access the files when you are visiting a friend, or if your NAS has died)
I like this idea too. I am going to download it and set it up. It would be nice to avoid the slow startup.

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