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Originally Posted by Cirax View Post
I'm trying to remake the NurfedHUD_TwinDragons using oUF and it works for the most part. All of the tga files have about 250px worth of empty space on the top of the image. I've can successfully trim all the excess space in PhotoShop CS5 but, when I go to use the image in the layout I get a default bar as if it had no texture. The images are single layer files so I have to unlock them and I think that's where the problem occurs. I've tried using SetTexCoord but all that ends up doing is stretching the image.

Any suggestions?
As the poster after you noted, the images need to be in powers of two. In addition, TGA files need to have an alpha channel. I have always found tga files to be a bit fincky to work with as some image editors like tga files and others don't. I usually find it's easier to work with PNGs (convert your TGA to PNG using your editors "Save as.." or "Export" commands) then using PNG2BLP (found here on WoWI), convert them to WoW friendly BLP files. No fussing with alpha channels or finicky image editors.
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