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Originally Posted by glupikreten View Post
Im trying to do some basic modifications to some default blizz frames... and while some of the frames i have no problem with for some others im getting error that frames are not found.
Some parts of the UI are contained in Load-on-Demand code. These are loaded like any other addon with their names prefixed with "Blizzard_". You can either force-load these using LoadAddOn() or listen for ADDON_LOADED to fire with their name.

For example:
- or -
Lua Code:
  1. local LoDMap={--    Maps Blizzard addon names to frame list
  2.     Blizzard_CraftUI={"CraftFrame"};
  3.     Blizzard_MacroUI={"MacroFrame"};
  4.     Blizzard_TalentUI={"TalentFrame"};
  5.     Blizzard_TradeSkillUI={"TradeSkillFrame"};
  6. };
  8. local EventFrame=CreateFrame("Frame");--    Event Listener Frame
  9. EventFrame:RegisterEvent("ADDON_LOADED");
  10. EventFrame:SetScript("OnEvent",function(self,event,...)--   OnEvent Script
  11.     if event=="ADDON_LOADED" then
  12.         local framelist=LoDMap[(...)]-- Loads list from map using addon name
  13.         if framelist then-- Check if one of the LoD addons in our list
  14.             for _,name in ipairs(framelist) do
  15.                 local frame=_G[name];-- Get our frame from the global table
  17. --              Do stuff
  18.                 frame:SetScale(1);--    Set scale of the frame
  19.             end
  20.         end
  21.     end
  22. end);

Originally Posted by glupikreten View Post
Is there easy way to remove default border (red, green, blue... ) from targets buffs/debuffs?
Probably the easiest way would be to overwrite entries in the DebuffTypeColor table.

Originally Posted by glupikreten View Post
Id like to be able to see in my buffs/debuffs the source of that buff... is that possible in classic? i have this script that worked perfectly before... for the love of god i dont remember in what version of wow tho
Aura sources weren't available in Vanilla and as such, were removed from Classic.
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