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Originally Posted by Bl4ckSh33p View Post
Yes, I know about this. But I wanted to know if someone knows a param to start the game without launching the battle.net launcher first. Clicking on WoW.exe opens the Launcher for me (after a while).
Ofc there's a way. How would battle.net app start the game then?
D3 uses "-launch" command line switch to skip battle.net app. Wow should skip it without any additional command line switches (still WoW probably supports "-launch" switch too).

There's also "-config" switch (this one seems to be quite new) for wow.exe that allows specify config file name that replaces settings from "wtf\config.wtf". This allows you to have one game installation with different settings (monitor, resolution etc). I don't see "-config" switch mentioned anywhere, so I leave it here.

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