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C_Map api in BfA

Updated 2nd May

api C_Map list

string name = C_Map.GetAreaInfo(areaID)
number uiMapID = C_Map.GetBestMapForUnit(unitToken)
number uiMapID = C_Map.GetCurrentMapID()
string atlasName = C_Map.GetMapArtBackgroundAtlas(uiMapID)
MapCanvasPosition position = C_Map.GetMapArtHelpTextPosition(uiMapID)
table textures { numbers values} = C_Map.GetMapArtLayerTextures(uiMapID, layerIndex)
table layerInfo { uiMapLayerInfo values } C_Map.GetMapArtLayers(uiMapID)
table info {uiMapDetails values } C_Map.GetMapChildrenInfo(uiMapID, opt mapType, opt allDescendants)
bool hideIcons = C_Map.GetMapDisplayInfo(uiMapID)
number uiMapGroupID = C_Map.GetMapGroupID(uiMapID)
table info {uiMapGroupMemberInfo values } = C_Map.GetMapGroupMembersInfo(uiMapGroupID)
fileDataID, texturePercentageX, texturePercentageY, textureX, textureY, scrollChildX, scrollChildY = C_Map.GetMapHighlightInfoAtPosition(uiMapID, x,y)
uiMapDetails info = C_Map.GetMapInfo(uiMapID)
uiMapDetails info = C_Map.GetMapInfoAtPosition(uiMapID,x,y)
playerMinLevel, playerMaxLevel, petMinLevel, petMaxLevel = C_Map.GetMapLevels(uiMapID)
minX, maxX, minY, maxY = C_Map.GetMapRectOnMap(uiMapID,topUIMapID)

Enum.MapCanvasPosition { None, BottomLeft, BottomRight, TopLeft, TopRight }
Enum.UIMapType { Cosmic, World, Continent, Zone, Dungeon, Micro, Orphan }
Enum.UIMapSystem { World, Taxi, Adventure }

UIMapLayerInfo { layerWidth, layerHeight, tileWidth, tileHeight, minScale, maxScale, additionalZoomSteps }
UIMapDetails { mapID, name, mapType, parentMapID }
UIMapGroupMemberInfo { mapID, relativeHeightIndex, name }
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