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Using oUF Fail (1.66). In the core.lua in the part about the party frames (starting at line 577) I added the line: "sortMethod", "NAMELIST", so I can set a specific order in which the chars in a party appear by adding a second line: "nameList", "char1,char2,char3,char4,char5",. That all works perfectly fine.

What I can't figure out is how to add a second nameList in that same core.lua for a second party of 5 chars. Tried just adding a second "nameList", "char6,char7,char8,char9,char10", line. Then only the last nameList works. Tried separating two lists with a comma: "nameList", "char1,char2,char3,char4,char5", "char6,char7,char8,char9,char10", but that didn't work at all.

How would I go about to get this working?

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