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Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
Not possible. You cannot access any files from the game itself. The client loads itself from game install data, then the UI loads all addon files based on folders and matching .toc files, then finally the UI loads SavedVariables that match the addons. When the UI unloads for reload or logout, the client only writes to SavedVariables it successfully loaded. No other file activity is authorized or possible.
Ok let me ask you, I've downloaded addon called REHack, then by a command /hack ingame I can write a lua script then run it.

Now I've disabled the addon that I was running a script from, then I created similar to that lua file using that rehack addon, then ran that, will that perform the same way, or is it slower or bad, I'm not an addon creater, I just wanted to edit that lua file and I can't do it through the computer because it was disabled, hope the picture is clear to you why I'm using that nohack addon to create a script ingame.
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